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“ Erin helped me deal with the day to day stresses of life, how to cope with challenges and not let those issues control my life. I can now say I have the mental and emotional tools and understanding to live a happy & fruitful life.  ”

Christine W.

The Importance of Counselling & Tutoring

Counselling and tutoring services play a vital role in enhancing a persons overall performance in life and mental wellbeing. Daily life difficulties, stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues can hinder a persons ability to grow, learn and perform at their full potential. This is where counselling and tutoring services can make a significant difference.

Counselling services provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to talk about their struggles and challenges. With the help of a trained professional, people can work through their emotional and mental issues, improve their self-esteem and confidence, and learn coping mechanisms to manage stress and anxiety.

Tutoring services provide academic and real life support, helping to improve their understanding of the subject matter and build study skills. Tutors work with people to identify areas of difficulty, provide personalized instruction, and offer feedback to enhance their learning experience.

My counselling and tutoring experience has helped me understand the importance of providing individualized attention and support to individuals in all types of situations. I offer a range of services, including one-on-one counselling, group therapy, academic tutoring, and study skills workshops.

Investing in counselling and tutoring services can have a significant impact on a persons success and overall well-being. Contact me today to learn more about my specialized services and how I can help you achieve your personal goals.

So, Who is Erin Luong?

Erin Luong  has a B Ed in Special Education and Science, a MC in Counseling Psychology,  and is a  Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) with the CCPA 

She is a Mental Health Literacy Specialist and School Counsellor from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is also the founder of a community for healing and growth.

Erin is the proud recipient of the ATAAISI award for Innovation (2001),  the Murray Jampolsky Award (2016) for Outstanding Practice as a School Counsellor and the GFEL Leaders in Education Award (2020-21). In addition she also started the first GSA in a Catholic School in Alberta in 2013- the Spectrum Club. That team produced a phenomenal We Don’t Say Campaign which was picked up by Duke University 

Erin is very passionate about developing Professional Learning Networks within the School Counselling Community. She explores this passion as a member of the ATA Council of School Counsellors(Calgary President, Provincial President, Conference Coordinator and Past President).  She also Co-Moderates #SCCHAT (2014- present) an international monthly twitter chat which connects school counsellors from across the globe. 

Vlogging Openspokes Youtube

Blogging Erin Luong’s Reflections on Counselling, Education, Leadership and Technology

Moocs OCLMooc . EtMooc and the upcoming EtMooc2

Authorship human moocsocial learning in an online environment  and trauma support for refugee students

Podcast Etmooc 2 

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Over 20 years of individual, small group and large group counselling experience.

Mental Health advocate 

Mental Health literacy specialist 

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